Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knock, Knock - Rrrrrrrrinnnnng!

Jay Shafer and I connected by phone last evening and had an amazing conversation about tiny houses and tiny house communities.  It was a really "comfortable" conversation - he was really nice.

He liked my gift/introduction, and said it took a while to get to him because of office logistics - but it sounded as though he had unwrapped it and picked up the phone.  Yay!  Mission accomplished...  : )

We discussed tiny house communities - I told him about my meeting scheduled next week with bcWorkshop to discuss the tiny house park idea - converting a trailer park into a tiny house community -- and he says that is definitely the way to go to begin, because zoning is in my favor. He's working on communities in his area as well.  I'm sure he's way ahead of me...  : )  I hope that we can collaborate a little bit...

I told him I am selling my house and having a "sell everything" sale and jumping into tiny with both feet.  He loved the the dichotomy of me "doing small" in Dallas - a city/state that is known for BIG.

I asked him if he had considered tiny houses for temporary elder care or for temp housing during home remodeling and I believe he said he had, but that zoning is a roadblock, and that while cities are starting to consider it, he hasn't gotten it pushed through yet.  I told him I am going to take a run at it in Dallas...There are a lot of changes happening in Dallas these days and I really think I have a decent shot at making it happen.  Maybe I'm naive... but I've gotta try!

I inquired about tiny house workshops -- I've got to get to one early next year!  That's so on my agenda.

Ultimately, we agreed to keep in touch . . I was so thankful for his time.

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