Monday, September 24, 2012


If this is your first time here, welcome, and thanks for coming by.

You know, dreams are fragile.  And when I started poking my toe in the water on all this change, I was pretty guarded about who I told.  I still am.... but not quite as much.

 But now that plans are gelling up, and ideas are bolder, I am stronger - I'm starting to tell people what I'm doing.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I am gathering courage and strength from my friends and family who are being really supportive of me -   Thank you!

I'm finding that as I tell people a few things happen:

1) The dream becomes more real as I say it out loud.

2)  The dream seems more attainable when I talk about it, and I have less fear.  (Fear?  Well  yes, of course I have some fear.  Look what I'm doing!)

3)  People are so enthusiastic, and frankly, I like to think, a tiny bit jealous.  (I'm sure some are just too polite to tell me I am crazy, and I'm actually grateful for that, too.)

4)  People want to be involved.  They want to be a part of it, and to help. that's so amazing!  And I'm so grateful.

I'm still not ready to be peppered with a million questions, though.  Mostly because I don't have all the answers yet, and that is frustrating to me.  I'm working through things - I know where there is a will, there is a way, and I know that other people are already living small.  So I'll figure it out.  That's what the coming months are for - research, and planning.  In the mean time - 

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