Monday, September 24, 2012

Leaking the Word Out

Friday my friend Kelly and I had a conversation about how  f a s t  things suddenly seem to be moving.  Not things like traffic (ha) but energy.  Ideas.  Things have a sense of urgency.

Friday night when I realized my letter needed re-working, I was thrown for a bit of a loop, because I felt like it HAD to go into FedEx on Monday.  (Not happening.)  Mark told me it wouldn't be going out Monday.  It would go out when it was ready.

I see articles online about tiny houses, and the word is getting around.  Sure, maybe it's just getting around in my circles, but man oh man a LOT of people have emailed me the articles. 

Saturday morning I woke up feeling compelled to start telling neighbors of my plans.  I tried to shove those voices in my head down under.  "No, I'm not ready.  They aren't ready."  By the time I was out running morning errands, the voices were shouting at me.  I literally had to pull over and text my next door neighbors - "Are you around this morning?  Can we chat?"

An hour later I found myself in their front yard, blurting out, "I'm sure you already know this, but I'm moving."

Feathers.  Feathers could have pushed them over, slack jawed.  They hadn't known.

Tears were followed by high 5's - encouragement, excitement, awe.  And then brainstorming on selling the house, selling the contents, renting a place.   I'm doing it.

I did feel better after I told them.  Plus, they are realtors, so they can be facilitators in a number of ways.  Bryan thinks he can sell my house before it's even listed.  And he's going to watch for a garage apartment for me - so far superior to a studio apartment... no shared walls.  But - I can do anything for a year, so we'll see what works out.

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