Friday, September 28, 2012

Meeting with Realtor

I had a realtor over last night.  She was my realtor when I bought my house 3+ years ago, so it feels as though we are friends, and I just love her, and trust her opinions.  She asked what my plans where and I showed her the Tiny House book... and she said she's been wanting a similar house - on a shared property with her family when she retires.  It seems like lots of people have a tiny house dream hiding in the back of their minds.  So interesting.

The meeting lasted two hours!  But - I learned most of what I needed to know.  Namely, what do I need to do to my house before it's on the market, and what furniture should stay or go for staging purposes. 

It was so strange waiting for her arrival.  I was nervous, excited, sad.... a mixed bag for sure.  I only got a lump in my throat twice (once when telling her how special my street is - the neighbors, and the little Tudors... and once when I was telling her all the history of the original owners of the house...) and I didn't let one tear roll!  Silly I know, but that was an accomplishment.  I get a lump in my throat just typing about it.  But!  Even though I have a bit of sadness, my excitement for the future far outweighs it.

To prepare for the sale, mostly what I need to do is a bit of painting.  Not bad at all.  And then we talked about staging, and now I know what furniture I need to take out.  She says we are going for "sparse."  I get that - make the smaller house look more spacious.

I'll look to have my big "sell everything" sale in early November.

Let the games begin.  

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