Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm having some anxiety today.  I know that I have a solid plan, and that I am going about it in a very methodical way - but nonetheless - anxiety.  As Tom pointed out, the "unknown" is the worst.  And I'm getting ready to step off a pretty big freakin' cliff.  But as cliffs go, this jump is voluntary, and methodical.  I am trying to focus on acting from a place of calmness.  I chose this, and I am going to be SO happy.

And, this morning - I finally told my parents about all my new plans.  Via email.  I know - email sounds harsh - but really, it's the best way.  (1)  Immediate.  (2) My dad can't hear well, so telling them on the phone would have been fruitless.  So... yes, email.  I need to mail them some color photos of the tiny houses so they don't envision something awful.  LOL

Tonight the realtor who I used when I bought my house is coming over to tell me what needs to be done to my house to prepare it for sale.  Last she and I spoke, I told her I wanted to list it in January.  Now I'd like to be out of the house by the end of the year.    Surprise!  LOL  I'm not sure I can pull that off, but we'll see.  

She is also going to talk with me about furniture, and staging.  What needs to go, what needs to stay... and then I can start selling stuff.  I am laughing, because I have a few friends who are going to come over with post it notes, and tag what things they want.  I love that.  The first one is coming Saturday, I think... So if you are one of those -- early birds and worms, my friends... LOL

Meanwhile the last round of contractors doing post-hail storm repairs came on Monday.  And among other things, painted 9 of my 26 house windows a "new" color.  As in, a color that doesn't match anything else on the house.  Awesome!  Um, no.  The main general contractor is coming by in the morning.... I asked for an in person meeting... ahem.  I know he'll fix it - but c'mon, can we just be done with all this??  The storm was JUNE 13th!  Stop the madness!

The happy news?  The Texas State Fair starts tomorrow.  And one of my very best girlfriends is flying in for a few days on Sunday!  So happy Sunday for me!

Or let's be honest, this is probably more appropriate...

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