Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finishing and Beginning

Soooooooooooooooooo the inspection went really well - so pleased.  The dog behaved, and the buyers are reportedly happy with the house, and I agreed to do just a few minor repairs.  The inspector provided the report same day, but I wasn't able to discuss it with Bryan until this morning to be clear on what the buyer was requesting.  Then Amanda sent the contract amendment over already today, and I signed it, and we are good to go!  I can exhale on that piece of the process.

I plan to sign a lease - somewhere - on Saturday.... I will really exhale then.  I haven't been sleeping well - I think it's the unknowns that are getting me...  But so far, things that I have been stewing over have not come to pass.  I may need to tattoo that on my palm to remind myself.  At least I've managed to stay fairly faithful to the gym, and I know that is helping immensely in keeping me balanced.

I've been thinking about my next meeting with the City.  One thing that I need to do is organize news bits from different cities across the country that have come out about tiny houses and tiny house communities and zoning changes; I could have have done a better job with that in my first meeting, but - no harm done.  It's a learning curve...  I think there is an app for the iPad, too, for business presentations.  I need to check that out.

And James is asking me about floor plans for my house - he's chomping to start working on my trailer.  And trust me, I am dying for him to get started on it!  I'm just not quite ready is all.  It's um, sort of a critical component, lol, and I can't rush it.   I am thinking about ordering The Lusby plans from Tumbleweed as a jumping off point, but I need to review options again first.  It would be fun to have them to take with me to Minnesota over Christmas to show my dad.  He loves to build things.  I have two architect friends that I'll contact too, and see about input from them.  That will be fun.

I plan to get some boxes this week/weekend, and also to tackle my workshop for the move.  I need to sort tools, and assess what type of container(s) I need to move and store things.  There is a new Harbor Freight open, and I'm going to look there for some hard sided boxes on wheels with a pull handle like luggage, or something similar...  In my mind most of what is taking up the most space out there is lumber and lumber scraps - I don't think my actual tools are terribly voluminous.  But there are probably more than I am envisioning.  Par for the course...  I have this weekend, next weekend, and then I want to move the following weekend.  It should totally be doable.

What is becoming urgent, however is my consignment furniture. I do not want to have to move that.   My regular consignment place referred me to another consignment place that I need to call -- they come and pick up furniture for a nominal fee. I need to call them and find out what their protocol is for determining what items they will accept.  That is on my list for TODAY.

I'm already looking ahead to 2013 -- Exhibit 1 - there is a Tumbleweed workshop in Austin in March... [giddy laughter]

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