Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Connection...

A gentleman from a Dallas non-profit* was kind enough to lend me his ear for a few minutes yesterday morning.  It was our first contact, so I began by giving him the thumb nail version of who I am, and my ideas for tiny houses in Dallas.  

I explained that I had met with some folks in Sustainable Development at the City, and that I have several more avenues for discussion to go down and that I am just getting started, but that I was interested in his thoughts and views on what I am trying to do.

He was encouraging, and my understanding is that he feels a trailer park would be the easiest place for me to begin as far as where to park my tiny house as zoning is in my favor.

He told me about a handful of parks around town that he is aware of - one off of Zang Boulevard, one by Ferguson/Garland Road, and one behind the Belmont Hotel - Colorado Avenue, I believe.  Sounds like an afternoon of exploring may be in my future.  : )

He also touched on code with regard to modular house design, and related inspections.  It seems that I will want to look into some level of inspections for occupancy.  That is the first I have heard of that, and I've made a note to do some reading to educate myself on possible inspection requirements.

I asked if I could contact him again as my plans clarified, and he was kind enough to agree to that - he also offered to introduce me to another gentlemen who may be helpful to speak with.

* I'm awaiting permission to use his company name.  : )

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