Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big News!!

I have a contract on my house!!!!!

The sign was in my yard less than 24 hours - and I received an amazing offer that I said "yes" to.  

Even though I did all the things to make this happen....

Even though I had asked for this....repeatedly....

Even though I halfway expected a fast offer....

I was stunned.  I was in Austin when I got a text from my realtor -- holy cow.

I will tell you more when it's a done deal, but for now, I hope for the expected good report on the inspection, and then closing is scheduled for December 20th if all goes well.

Target move out date? December 15th so that Tom and I can celebrate our Christmas the 22nd.

I am set for trial December 17th but its expected to settle.... THAT better happen... LOL

Tomorrow? Apartment hunting.

More tomorrow when I'm on a real computer (I'm on my iPad.)


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