Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving Right Along

Merry Monday!  Wow, I needed about twice the weekend time that I had this weekend!  It's all good though, and I was conscious of taking time for myself and doing fun things amongst the chaos.  I fit in a Christmas parade downtown Saturday morning, and a neighborhood Christmas Elf Party on Saturday night.

In between on Saturday I went out to my shop to assess what needed to be done out there (a) that's procrastination, obviously; and (b) well duh, everything needs to be done out there...  lol  and discovered that someone had tried to break in.  The hasp was bent, and I could see where they had used a crow bar to try to break the door in.  Sort of creepy, but mostly - motivating.  My plan had been to tackle the shop on Sunday...  I looked around and just started carrying things into the house - now most everything with value is on my kitchen floor:

As I suspected, my actual tools don't take up THAT much space out there.  Mostly it's lumber and scrap wood, and paint - neither of which I'm taking with me.  I think when I get these items sorted and into tubs its not going to be a horribly large volume of things.  My chop saw is still out there -- I couldn't get it and it's stand into the house by myself.

I briefly considered getting a storage unit for my tools, but since I am dedicated to downsizing, I just can't let myself do it.  As a friend pointed out, a storage unit is a crutch...  Pare down, get organized, and be small.  So I'll have a chop saw in my living room!  It's okay... lol

I am starting to feel grounded and balanced again -- that always happens as my plans clarify.  I know what apartment I am getting - I've been in the actual unit - but despite filling out their online application last week, they hadn't processed it by Saturday when I went in to sign the papers, so I haven't done that yet.  But I have looked at it twice now, and showed it to Tom, I measured to make sure my W/D will fit... and so I'm good to go there.  

I've decided I am taking my bed and my couches with me.  At first relenting and taking furniture with me felt like I was failing in my downsizing.  But then I realized I am really cranky without good sleep, and my bed is so high that I can store things under it - bad Feng Shui, but good for interim space.  And the couches?  Well, all it took was Tom asking, "What are you going to sit on?" And I gave him a good long stare and realized he was right.  I have them, I do love them, and so... I'll bring them along.  

The rest of the furniture I have lined up to go to consignment, and total score, they will come and pick it up for a small fee. I'm glad to have that squared away.

I still need to get an electrician and a plumber out for a few agreed upon repairs.... I've had Oncor out already, and I still need to call Atmos.

So the logistics are shaping up.  On the emotional side of big change, it's just a really interesting process.  The overriding emotion these days is gratitude.  I'm so grateful for so many things - the support of Tom, and my family, and my friends - many of whom are also my neighbors.  I'm grateful that my house sale is going so smoothly.   I'm grateful for my health, and my dog and her health, and that I have found a place that I like for a stepping stone residence that is nearby.  I'm really grateful that it isn't cold.  Over all, I am the most grateful about how much I am loved.  I don't mean that in a self-centered bragging type of way - I mean it in an open-my-arms-wide-and-just-drink-it-in type of way.

I had the best afternoon yesterday, putting up outside Christmas lights with all my neighbors.  We walked back and forth between yards - borrowing and lending ladders.  Holding ladders, giving opinions, clinking drinks, and marveling at how pretty everyone's house looks.  I mowed and edged for the last time - and gave Monty my edger - that made me teary - isn't THAT ridiculous?  And Lydia's husband came to get a few things that she is buying, one of which was my rototiller - and seeing THAT go made me really sad!  What the heck - yard equipment??  That's what I'm sad about?!  Just.  Not.  Normal.  lol  

And I am amazed and so validated in that I am so comfortable with this new theme of letting go.  Yes, I get teary when I talk about someone else being in my house - but mostly because I'm so happy that someone is going to love it and appreciate it - and, I'm told, would like me to come over and tell her about the widget-y things about it, and tell her about my gardens.  My yard is where I have really poured out my soul, and I love believing that she likes it and wants to know what's what.  Seeing all my things sold, or giving things away - it's like an out of body experience.  It's as though I am watching someone else do it - it's really weird.

So now I'm on task for packing.  I really thought I wouldn't need to hire movers, but I've given up that notion.  I'm aiming to move next week - on an off day if I can -- a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday -- and close early.  I'm currently scheduled to close on the 20th - but I really like to push hard for a week, and be done, and then enjoy all the pre-holiday fun things before I fly home on the 23rd.  Gotta have a goal!  I am going to be SUCH A SLUG in January.

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