Friday, December 7, 2012


Okay!  The consignment pick up truck arrived.

I was past ready - it was 11 a.m. and their pick up time frame was 9-11, later revised by phone to 10:30-11.  Greta and I had lounged in the morning - well, okay, so I was vacuuming out furniture drawers and shelves, and wiping down nightstands - and enjoyed a leisurely morning walk and a chat with Monty.  

On my walk I stopped and chatted with a lady that I often see out walking, and told her that I was moving.  Then I told her why... showed her a few photos, gave her my blog card... and was met with unbridled enthusiasm.  She thinks she wants one, too.  I think that's awesome. 

And I chatted with another neighbor from across the street who just happened to be out while I was out with the dog.  She had no idea what I was undertaking and was really excited for me - promised to read up on this blog... fun. 

And my mom called - she'd read my blog post last night and wanted to check on my mental health.  I love that I am on the downside of 45 and my mom still calls to check on me... you just never out grow that.  And my sister Kate called, and my friend Lydia called (she and her husband were worried I was in a lather and hiding in a closet because I hadn't returned Lydia's call last night That's funny today, less funny last night... and I did tell her that it was good to check on me... lol)  And Tom, in the midst of wild trial preparation, called.  I love that man.

The consignment company I decided to go with was Consignment Buy Furniture.  They made it all so easy and both their driver and his partner were amazingly courteous and professional.

Dining room table being disassembled...

I surprised myself with being okay with some of (what I thought were) my prized possessions sailing out my front door.  I didn't cry, like I thought I would. 

Yesterday I started reading the book, You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap) by Tammy Strobel.  She did the whole downsizing thing before me, and lives in a tiny house.  So far it's a great read.  It's all about simplifying your life...

They were totally good sports about posing for me...

Now I'll just wait for the consignment checks...

As a reward for a job well done, Negra Modelo and guacamole on the Lakewood Mi Cocina patio.  It cures what ails you, and is suitable for any type of celebration!

On an unrelated note, twice now on my drive into downtown on Live Oak, I've seen a T2 Realty sign advertising a lot for sale that is zoned multi-family.  I swear, it practically jumps in front of my car when I drive by... I may have to call and see what the scoop is, just for fun.  Hey - you never know!

Thanks for reading...

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