Monday, December 17, 2012

The Finish Line

We can.  All of us.  Set a goal, make your plans, and then make it happen.

Late summer, when I made the decision to go tiny, I said that my goal was to sell the house and be in my new place before I fly to my parents' for Christmas.  Am I making that happen?  Yes!  I am scheduled to close on my house sale tomorrow, and I fly to my parents' on Sunday!  

Did I think it was an unrealistic goal when I set it?  No.... 

Did I think it would be easy?  NO.  

But I know from my experience of preparing for and going to trial that if you know there are a finite number of days that you will be so tired that you think you might die, that you can dig deep and do it.  I knew the last 90 days would be really tough - but I also knew that it wouldn't go on forever.  I also had a lot of help.  This morning, when I had to go get one more tiny load of random things from the old house and it took me many trips from my car to my apartment to unload, I literally had to just tell myself, "One foot in front of the other.  Be methodical.  Just keep going, you will finish."

With what I have experienced lately I could write a large number of lengthy posts... I'll try to give you the condensed version:

Things I've Learned, & Things I Suspected and Were Proven to be True & Other Tidbits:
1)  I still have major downsizing to do.  My house contents were not much and packing it went pretty fast and easy.  My workshop?  It was more challenging, and it's taking up more space than I'd hoped.  Tom is going to let me store my compressor, my chop saw, and my router/router table at his house... that will help.  (Special thanks to Caitlin and Tyler for storing the chop saw for me for a couple of weeks.)

2)  I need to do a major clothing purge.  I have WAY TOO MANY socks and WAY TOO MANY pjs.  I don't know what that is all about.  I also need to let go of all my "project clothes" -- clothing that I don't care what happens to it - painting, staining, ripping -- as I will not be doing construction-y projects every weekend anymore for the foreseeable future.

3)  Even if I am working really hard, and think I deserve to eat whatever I want, and I go buy those things, and eat them... my body doesn't understand that and I will regret it. 

4)  I have a very adaptable dog.  Mostly I knew that - I knew that if she had me, and a window to look out, that she would be fine.  That's mostly true.  (She's a tiny bit barky at a few apartment noises, but I know she is just being protective and we are working on it.)  My plan of choosing this complex for great dog walking venues has already proven it's worth - here she is on (okay honestly I don't know what day this was) but we were on our first real dog walk at the new place.  I can let her off lead here to run:

She was VERY happy!

5)  Getting internet connected is always more challenging and frustrating than it needs to be.  Why is it always so difficult?? It is not rocket science!

6)  The guys who work at that dilapidated little tire replacement shop at the corner of Ross and Greenville are rock stars.  Yes, I had a flat tire.  On my move day.  Before the movers arrived.  Shabby as it is, I love that place - I've been there often.  Ahhh, East Dallas.

6.5)  When you really have no other choice, you can overcome your fears.  Friday, the day I was sick and had to cancel my movers - before I had confirmation that I could cancel and move the following day, I had a low tire pressure indicator on my car.  I went to the usual tire place, but at 7:15 a.m. they were not yet open.  Across the street?  A car wash with an air pump.  I am irrationally terrified of putting air in tires.  I am always scared that the tire is going to blow up in my face.  But, I did it.  I had to do it.  And I lived to tell about it.  But I'll say... every second that I had the hose on the tire valve pumping air in, I was looking away and praying.

7)  Mi Cocina will still serve you even if you look like you really need a shower and a change of clothing.

8)  I am ridiculously happy that I kept my bed.  We all know that without good sleep we become tall 2 year olds.  At night, I am so grateful for familiar, comfortable bed to snuggle into.

9)  The last items I carried out of my house were dog treats, a hammer, and a bottle of wine.  I'd say that pretty much sums things up!

10)  Although it is no where close to being organized, my apartment feels very safe and secure.  I am glad to be there, and it will be great space in which to plan the next phase of my adventure.  I can't wait to be past the point of sorting socks and get to the point of pinning up my motivational quips and finding nooks for my few favorite sentimental things.

11)  I still cry if you are nice to me.  (I'm exhausted, not sad.)  I'm sort of ready for that to be over.  I know, "crying is good for you!  It's cleansing, and cathartic", and blah blah blah"  -- but really?  This phase could pass and I'd be just fine with it.  Trust me, I feel very cleansed.

12)  Ashley made me my own very special Christmas cookie:

How totally awesome is that?  (Yes, of course I ate it, and it was fabulous.)

13)  Yes, it's the pits to once again have to get dressed and get a leash every time Greta needs to go outside.  Especially when it's oh, midnight, and you've only been sleeping for about an hour.  I'll step out there and predict that as winter temps drop this will become even more unpleasant.  I am trying to reframe that into "walking and fresh air are good for us both..."  LOL

14)  I want to go camping multiple times in 2013.  And then I must let go of my 3 tubs of camping gear... But my tiny house will be like deluxe camping so I'll be okay with that!

15)  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  The majority of things we worry about never come to pass.  My worry list is extremely short at this point.  By this time next week I shouldn't have a list at all.

16)  Taking time - even 10 minutes - for yourself amidst chaos is important.  

Saturday night I donned my elf costume and went to the neighborhood Christmas party.  I skipped and danced my way down Newell ringing jingle bells behind the band, and in front of Santa on a ladder truck. (Um, I wasnt' the only elf, I promise!)  I worked my 45 minute shift helping kids get their photos taken with Santa.  I rode the wagon being pulled by Clydesdales.  After wards, I enjoyed a simple family Christmas gathering on the living room floor of my empty house.

I kept my standing Sunday night Tex-Mex dinner plans with neighbors last night, and both my body and soul were rewarded with nourishment.  

This morning at the gym, I only did half of my cardio, and most of my stretching, and then I allowed myself just to be still and put my feet up the wall.  It's my favorite quick revival!
These socks, still fluffy but stained from yard work, would be great candidates for purging!
17)  It's not all about the money.  I gave a lot of things away in the last couple of months, and I have to say, it feels good.  And, I believe that I will have that returned to me tenfold.

What's left to be done?
The maid comes this morning to do a final clean of the house.

I need to label keys for the buyer.

I need to sort and gather up helpful house paperwork to leave with the keys, along with a happy little note.

Drop off said keys and paperwork at the house tonight.

The final walk through is tomorrow morning.

Attend closing tomorrow afternoon.

I need to get the dog to the point where I can leave her alone in the apartment without worrying about barking.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) during the work day is going to be the first run at that.  

I'll focus weeknights this week on organizing my apartment, giving my dog some much needed attention, and take some time to see friends.  Tom will (theoretically) be out of trial on Friday.  Saturday we are getting massages and going out for a great dinner - perhaps with a matinee movie in between.  And Sunday I fly to Minnesota for Christmas!  I can see the finish line.

p.s.  Have I mentioned how I love comments??  Pretty please??


  1. Congratulations on selling your house! That's major in today's economy. Sounds like it's been amazingly hectic though. You need a relaxing trip! Very exciting though. Your dreams are coming true.

  2. Love these!

    Can't wait to see what unfolds for you in 2013...I am amazed at how quickly and smoothly (atleast from my point of view) everything came together!! :)

    I can especially relate to #3...what is it about the holidays and added stress that makes you want to eat everything!

    Anyway, happy and proud of you!


  3. Oh just a little encouragement & I, too, am capable of a comment: KUDOS to you for the journey thus far. Yes, we can accomplish more than we even imagine - but imagination helps. Gratitude is good, too. Tomorrow will be big! Be brave & strong & give us all the report. You inspire me.

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  5. Congratulations on selling your house! That's major in today's economy. Sounds like it's been amazingly hectic though. You need a relaxing trip! Very exciting though. Your dreams are coming true! Leigh

  6. Ashley - thank you so much for your encouragement! I know... I'm the radical family member... ha ha!

    Jane - actually the closing was moved up, so it's done, but WOOHOO I breezed through it! It took all of about 7 minutes. I'm still decompressing...

    Leigh - I'm not sure why my blog has a hard time with your comments - I had to repost yours. Weird. Thank you for reading - I love reading yours!


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