Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Organizing for the House Planning

I'm thinking ahead to my house planning now - in my mind's eye I can see my work space in my new apartment where I'll do my tiny house planning.  I'm going to start compiling information by category for reference - I'll keep the information in electronic files and also in a 3-ring notebook for reference.  Mark suggested Evernote for organization but so far I haven't spent any substantive time looking to see what it can do for me.  That's upcoming as well.

To start, these will be my categories, although I'm sure they will become more refined over time:
Exterior (generally - materials, windows, roof)
Interior (generally - insulation, appearance, lighting, shelving etc)
Kitchen (counters, cook top, pantry/storage)
Bath (shower, toilet)
Loft (futon, skylight?)
Utilities  (water, solar/electricity)
Reference - general
Tiny House Community

I have my Pinterest pages set up similarly and I've been organizing photo ideas there.  My learning curve is vertical, so I'll be gathering information from people who have experience. The resources available are limited only by the time I have to read them...!

If you have already done this and have ideas or suggestions for me - please!  Share!  I'd really like to hear from you on what worked and what didn't work.

This week I read a great article about insulation written by Matt over at Boneyard Studios, the tiny house community in Washington, D.C. A quick read of the article reveals that I am not at all educated in the details of insulation.... : )   Which is okay - it's just an observation...

It's exciting to be getting close to having the decks cleared and the mental space cleared to begin the process!  I am definitely not going to be Project Girl in my apartment without my shop, so I'll have newly found free time to dedicate to this.  (Although I am going to learn how to grow my own sprouts so that I can make Kelley's fabulous sprout salad myself!)

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