Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Status of Things

I need to do a blog post... but I'm really struggling.  My dog is on a health roller coaster - I think we are going on two weeks now, but it sure feels like longer.  It started out with a very long early morning of vomiting and a day trip to the vet.  Then two days later it continued with 5 days in the doggy ICU.  (She came home the afternoon of the garage sale.)  Here she is on the "new" bean bag chairs that replaced my couches:

She was certain the bean bags were for her...
We sailed along for a few days and we had a handful of more trips to the vet.  Amongst this have been nights where I get up with her at 2:30 a.m. and I'm up for the day.  And man, if there is one thing you shouldn't do to me, it's take away my sleep.  So, I've been hunkered down with her inside, pampering her, pampering me, enjoying the air conditioning and watching her every move. Some days she's bringing me toy after toy - and some days she looks more like this:

But I'll tell you - I am exhausted.  I am strung out.  I am frustrated.  And, on top of all that, this is freakin' expensive.  But what do you do?  You have to do it - they're like children.  I'm having trouble getting the energy to focus on things other than dog.

So....... no posting.  But I've been doing things here and there.  Thursday of last week I called several metal  roofing companies near Thousand Oaks, CA where my house is, to get estimates.  I've gotten one so far - I need to call the remaining companies and see if estimates are coming...  The one I've gotten so far was about $4400.00.  (A company in Dallas says they will do it for $2400.00.)  But, it will cost me $1000.00 to bring my house here, so I have to factor that in.

Yesterday I contacted 8 Marvin window retailers.  I've gotten one estimate back so far:  TEN GRAND.  I almost dropped the phone.  That MUST include installation - which I do not need.  He is going to email me an itemized  estimate, and then I'll see.  I have a Dallas Marvin retailer who will estimated $5,000.00. Do you see a trend?  

So...... I don't know.  Mildly discouraging, but I know there is a reason that things are coming as expected.  And I can own the fact that my head isn't totally right - although I am WAY better than I was last week.  I let myself wallow for two days, and then I gave myself a kick in the ass.  I went to the grocery story and filled my fridge with really healthy foods that I love.  And I've re-framed the gym to be my sanctuary.  I have totally just hitting the gym hard  for several weeks now - it's good for my mental health, and my body is responding nicely.  I still face plant at my desk around 1 p.m. after being up half the night, but ... (Did I mention I gave up coffee last week?  Supreme timing.)

So, waah.  That's my story.  It's not the best chapter of my story, but it's what's going on with me.


  1. So sorry about your doggy, darlin :-( Has the vet figured out what's wrong? You can do this! But remember, taking care of yourself is key in taking care of others <3 And I love the ways that you are! Like how you put this: I've re-framed the gym to be my sanctuary. And that you gave up coffee! I did too. I'm still drinking caffeine in the form of teas and kombucha, but I feel less crazy and crash less hard now that I'm not downing all that coffee.

    Also -- do you HAVE to buy brand new windows? I'm sure you've probably covered this before -- sorry for my forgetful brain.


  2. Hannah - I think doggy doo is on an even keel now... waiting for some lab results but again - cautiously optimistic. So thanks for your good thoughts for her.

    Re: the windows... well, now they are framed in, and I am committed to those non-standard sizes, so the odds that I could find used ones in the sizes I chose are slim. Lesson learned... I love that you are thinking things through for me....! : ) Thank you!


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