Thursday, August 29, 2013

Window Relief

On Friday afternoon I loaded up in my Mini Cooper and headed West.  Far west.  West past downtown Fort Worth, and further west on Camp Bowie Boulevard than I even knew you could go.  My destination?  Omniview Window & Door.  I needed to meet Rudy, with whom I'd been emailing about windows for my tiny house.

I'd spoken with him on the phone and he had an amusing outlook on things - we hit it off - and although he offered a Dallas location that was closer to me, I really wanted to meet HIM.  I am doing business with him, and I wanted to meet him, look him in the eye, shake his hand, and form a relationship.  Honestly I wanted to make sure I liked him - it's important to me to like the folks I'm in business with.   I am so glad I took the time to make the trip!

First, of course, it was good to feast my eyes upon the windows that I'd chosen after just a glimpse at the Marvin windows installed in Jay's Gifford, and some Internet surfing.  I love them - they are gorgeous and high quality.

And I got to see the window hardware in person - super important - and I'm really glad I did because I had immediate and very strong opinions about the colors and finishes!  I couldn't tell that from looking at images online.

Also, I didn't understand the window screen had an option - aluminum frame or a wooden frame.  The wooden frames are crazy beautiful - and they make the edges of the screen just "disappear" into the window.  The wood is a lot sturdier than the aluminum as well.

It was just so nice to deal with people who are knowledgeable and love what they do.  Aside from the materials to frame in the house, the windows are the biggest ticket item in construction, so I really want to be comfortable with the company I'm dealing with, and all of the decisions I'm making.  Rudy was so patient with me, answering all of my questions and walking me through all of the options.  And each and every time I've called or emailed him, he's gotten back to me very quickly.  That's soooo nice.  Really nice.   I heartily recommend Omniview to anyone who needs windows.  I've struggled with windows for many weeks and to hand it off and say it's done?  WHEW.

So, order-wise, I'm amending my order to have the oil rubbed bronze hardware, and the wooden screens.  That alone made the trip worth while.  But THEN --

I befriended another employee there who is  totally a tiny house groupie!  His name is Joel, and while Rudy was re-running my estimate, he and I were talking about window features.  He was referring to some extra feature that could be added, and he said, "But, you know, probably not really worth it unless the window is really featured in the room -- " And I started laughing and I said, "Well, I don't really have rooms - my entire house is only 112  square feet."  Joel wasn't facing me when I said that.  He whipped around and looked at me and said, "You.  Are.  Not.  Building.  A.  Tiny. House."  Me, laughing, "Ohhhhhhhhh yesss I am!"

Seriously I thought he was going to strip naked and run down the boulevard, he was so excited.  Fortunately instead he just gave me a high five.  He kept asking me questions and I was answering, and finally Leslie shouted to him, "Joel!  Too bad you are married - she is the perfect woman!"  Ohh we all just laughed!   And then Rudy, Joel, Leslie (she runs the place, you can just tell) and I all hung out in the showroom and talked about tiny houses - it was so fun!  You just have to love Fort Worth... everyone is so friendly...

They are all really excited about the project, and are really taking ownership of it - the tiny house phenomenon continues...people can't help but want to be a part of it - it's so fantastic and I am so grateful!  Window retailer identified?  Check!

So now - color selection must. happen.  LOL  


  1. “It was just so nice to deal with people who are knowledgeable and love what they do.” - Ah, that good feeling when you know that you are working with experts who can answer all your questions and educate you with things concerning your house. It's really great that you made it a point to meet your contractors and understand things about your windows before having them installed on your property. Good job!
    Rolf @ Northern Virginia Roofing & Exteriors

  2. Bumping into someone who’s as passionate as you are with things is certainly like meeting a kindred spirit. And it is especially helpful since he can help be quite helpful when you have ideas for your mini home. How’d the window turn out btw? Have fun in your new mini mansion!

    Jannet | Walker Contracting Inc


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