Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Where are you?  Are you traveling?  What state are you in?  Is Nina with you?

Where is your house?  Is it here?

I get those questions sort of often.  And I totally understand how it's challenging to follow what in the heck is happening with me - my plans are fluid.  My house is being built in Dallas.  Oh, wait, we are going to build it in California.  At a school.  No, not at a school, at a day camp.  Okay camp is over, it was amazing.  The house is going to Boulder, and then I am going to bring it to Dallas to finish it.  Ohhhh wait.  No.  I'm not bringing it to Boulder and Dallas, I'm going to keep it in California and travel there to work on it.  OHHH.  No.  Okay, right.  My house is coming to Dallas.

My house is coming to Dallas.  My house.  Is coming to Dallas.  : )  

I think.

My brain & my wallet made the decision without collaborating with my heart, and it's taken me a few days to wrap myself around that decision.  I have a couple of more quotes to receive to seal the deal, but yeah.  Dallas.  And do you know why?  Because prices for roofing and windows in California are so high they are in outer space.  Even with the cost of bringing my house here, I am still going to be about 5 grand ahead.  Five.  Thousand. Dollars.  That's about a third of the cost of my whole house.  Okay, maybe a fourth.  But whatever - it's a chunk.

And gosh please don't ask me how long it will be here.  I don't know.  I do know that my goal remains to move into it prior to December 12th, when my apartment lease expires.  But past that?  Dunno.

So suddenly I feel very busy.  But happy busy.  Immediate things to do?

1) Finish gathering quotes, advise contractors of decisions.
2) Collaborate with Daniel on a front door design (Thank you Daniel & Manny for building my door!!)
3) Round up door hardware - order and get it to Daniel.
4) Arrange for house transport from LA to Dallas
5) Order banners to put on house for transport (entertaining...)
6) Order roofing materials/crew
7) Order skylights
8) Order windows
9) Get window to  David for stained glass design!

Meanwhile my head is buzzing with bathroom design (that's another post), flooring & wall coverings, plumbing questions...

Gable sheathing going up

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