Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parking Options

I got a phone call from an old friend this morning that resulted in a renewed offer of a place to park my house in Texas when it's completed.  The offer is on some land in East Texas, and there are water and electrical options. That is my fourth offer of a place to park my house in Texas - so fun!  

Another offer is on a ranch outside of Dallas and the owners would like someone to just sort of watch over the place.  I don't think there are any livestock or people living there.  And, water and electrical are already connected.

I can't remember where the third offer was - it was some rural land - but I remember who offered it, so I can track it down if needed.

And then my career coach has offered her 5 acres a few miles away from me for both construction and living post construction.

I also have a handful of offers in California and one in Oregon.  It's fun when people get excited enough about the project that they are willing to have you nearby...I am so grateful.

Ohhhh to dream of the days I am living in it full time.  I cannot wait.  It gives me all the more motivation to stay of top of getting my roof and window estimates.


  1. Hey BA! :-) YAYLAND! That's awesome <3 I feel like the most common question I get is "but where will you LIVE?" Examples of beautiful community and heart-sharing like this just make me all happy inside. Now I'm going to go catch up on your other posts -- I feel out of the loop! <3 Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. HANNAHHHHH How ARE you?!

    My most common question is (via the phone) "So! What state are you in this week?" I have to laugh because my house is only half done... I guess I am hard to keep track of!

    Thanks for dropping in & for the good thoughts!


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