Monday, August 26, 2013

A Tentative Schedule!

I am to glad to be able to tell you that I have a tentative schedule for my house's arrival in Dallas!

Daniel, the supremely talented finish carpenter who helps Jay teach his workshops is super busy, but he says he can commit to having my front door designed, built and installed by September 15th.   I've given him a basic design that I like, and I completely trust him to build one that suits me and the house.  I've ordered my speak easy and my door entry hardware and had those shipped to him.  I still need to let him know what height the speak easy should be.  I am so thrilled that he has taken on this project.  I owe him many many thanks, and some cash.  : )

So once I had that date, I emailed James, and he says he will start looking for LA to Dallas transport for me beginning September 1st.  If he can line someone up for pick up on the 15th, my house should arrive in Dallas by roughly September 20th.  I'm working on getting a banner made to put on the house for the trip with my blog address on it, and asking people to go to the blog and note where and when they saw the house on the freeway. I think that would be really fun!

That will give me just a shade less than 3 months to get it habitable. Totally manageable, right?  I need to really make good use of the time before it arrives to research plumbing and electrical and so that I am ready to tackle those as soon as the roof and windows are in.

I had a meeting with my window retailer yesterday - that will be a separate post - and I'm tentatively meeting with my roofer tomorrow.  I must decide on colors.  I'm finding it really hard to pull the trigger on them.

I need to order the windows this week to stay on track.  Windows and roofing are my last big ticket items - I'm excited to have them under my belt.

 I'm so excited!!!

I'm working on it, by golly!


  1. The trip banner is a fabulous, fun idea! I'm looking forward to watching things progress- congrats on the project so far!

  2. I would really like to help you put this together. I know that I am a random stranger from the interwebz, but I would really love to help you. Hanks bus and your tiny house are part of my dream one day !!

    Signed Stranger in Dallas.

  3. Well don't be a stranger -- email me at! :)

    Let's talk about your dream, and what you want/need, and see what we have in common.



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