Friday, March 1, 2013

Trip in Review - Feb. 18-20th

I've been a slacker on posting... busy work week. 

So the last 3 days we helped a family build their tiny house.  So much fun!  It was very similar for me to being on a Habitat job site and it was all happy and familiar.  When we got there the floor joists were on the trailer.  We added blocking, insulation, decking.  Then we put up 4 walls, put on the house wrap, and the exterior sheathing.  

Upon arrival....

The second wall (it was really cold that day!)

When we departed... front left is the porch
We had the best time!  I have a zillion photos, but mostly great memories.

The workshop was definitely life changing for me, and affirmed all the huge changes that I have been making the last 6 months are on the path that I should be on.  I am so excited about life these days that I can hardly stay in my chair!

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