Sunday, March 31, 2013

Style Awakening??

I'm researching window design today - surfing around on Houzz, pinning photos onto my Pinterest windows board.  And all of a sudden I realize - most of the window styles I'm drawn to are very simple, very clean, very .... modern

Except for when I was college-aged, I've always liked clean, simple lines in furnishings.  Stickley furniture, and the Scandinavian styles.  And so today I assess that against The Gifford's style, which (to me) is craftsman.  I've lived in a few arts & crafts style houses - rent houses - with the big wooden porch columns and the wrap around porches, and I have always loved them.  But even from the beginning when I fell in love with The Gifford, the heaviness on the front of the house sort of went against my grain.  Although it is strong, and supportive looking - cozy, even - now I wonder -- is that timber over the porch too heavy for me?

I love the wood.  I love the homey coziness of the wood - it's warm.  I don't want to lose all of that.  But I do like a modern clean window style.  And with that, comes styles like this:

The corrugated metal is a little too utilitarian  for me, I think.

Love the green.  Prefer the vertical lines to horizontal.

So now I contemplate: can I keep the same original roof pitch and shape of the house, but apply a more modern exterior to it?  The interior plan and design of The Gifford strikes me as modern, and clean.  Well, maybe not modern, but clean for sure - and not overtly craftsman. 

Metal siding would also have advantages to the traveling - light weight, water resistance...

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