Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trailer? Check!

I ordered my trailer yesterday!! Construction time is estimated to be 3-4 weeks.  I think that even Nina will agree that that seems like an eternity...

I talked with Daniel to finalize the specs, and then had a phone call with the trailer place.  They confirmed they can install the leveling and stabilizing jacks, so I'm doing that.  It will make construction a lot easier... and it had to be done, anyway, so nice to get that taken care of up front.

And then - I have to choose a color.  A color!  Who knew??  Here are my choices: Color Options

I figured they all just came in black... Of course, I want brown, the closest match to my exterior material, and that appears to be the one color that isn't offered.  So, maybe light gray?  Maybe forest green?  A tiny part of me wants Victory Red -- but I won't actually do it.  Then someone made the suggestion of the trailer matching the roof...??  But no - I'd rather the trailer just disappear I think.

Carson Trailer doesn't accept credit cards unless you are standing in their lobby - which I obviously cannot do without buying a plane ticket - so I agreed to wire funds.  I was worried the bank was going to close early on Friday for Good Friday, but I made it there in time. 

The young man helping me made the mistake (?) of asking me what I was buying.  That turned into what was I doing with a trailer?  Which turned into an entire tiny house conversation.  I said, "Okay, that's it, now I have to snap your photo, and you're going on my blog - you are much too involved now - between the wire transwer and the long conversation" - and so here we are (posted with permission,) wire transfer papers in hand:

I am such a dork.  But I'm a dork with a trailer being built just for me.

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