Thursday, March 28, 2013

Details Emerging...

I think I've found my trailer!  I contacted three companies not far from Daniel for quotes.  One got back to me quickly.  One didn't, so after a few days I called them again, and the receptionist got sort of snotty with me about how it takes a while, and how people are ahead of me.  ??  The third place, the guy wanted to help trouble shoot troubles that I didn't have, and never quite got around to giving me an estimate...

But the first place, Carson Trailers, had been Daniel's recommendation anyway.  He had done business with them before.  Anthony from Carson called me back pretty fast, and we had several subsequent email exchanges wherein he answered all of my questions.  

Here are the specs we've arrived at for my trailer - er, my house foundation:

16' length
5' heavy duty ramps
Brakes on one axle
10,000 GVW
Axle length is 84" from hub face to hub face
16" 8 lug e rated tires
break away kit and 7 way plug

I'm pretty sure I will order from him.  Daniel is doing a follow up phone call with him to clarify something and I think we are good to go.  Exciting!!

I am also going to have jacks installed on the underside of the trailer in each corner for leveling and stabilization when it isn't connected to my vehicle.  They will not be detachable - they will fold up and tuck under the trailer for travel, and be manually flipped out and adjusted when I park. I've emailed Carson Trailer about this option...

I took at stab at drafting our construction agreement - my agreement will be the the school - and sent that over for review.  I suspect the school's legal department will need to review and bless it.  I expect changes, though - so it's okay.

The next steps will be laying out a construction schedule and a budget.  Daniel is going split up the construction into segments and have the students write up a materials list and budget by segment.

Daniel says he expects interest in the project will really take off once the trailer is parked in the quad.  I am going to ask him if he wants me to have a photo and floor plan printed up to post nearby.  I have a vendor that can do that for me and I can ship them to him if he wants them...

Daniel has given me two assignments:  One, I need to figure out my window sizes and layout.  I want to modify the window plan on the construction plans so that my dog has 1-2 windows she can see out of without standing on furniture.  Windows need to be determined before the walls are framed.  Secondly, to help determine what my electrical load will be, he has me writing down every electrical item that I use this wee, and how long I use it.  It will be a rough estimate, but it's jumping off point.  I am on day two and it is already raising my awareness of what I am doing around my apartment.  Interesting...

I suggested to Daniel that we need a project name.  In the summer, he does a project called MAGIC which means, "Mentor a Girl in Construction."  Pretty cool, huh?  Stay tuned for this project's name - to be revealed soon...

What's your story?

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  1. I love the details -- this'll come in handy when I'm learning about trailers. How much are you budgeting for the project?


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