Monday, March 4, 2013

My House Plans!

I've chosen the house that I am going to build, and I've purchased the construction plans!  Let the games begin:

Here is the house - it's called The Gifford  and it is a design by Jay Shafer of Four Lights Tiny House Company out of California.  Love.



It is 112 square feet, plus the loft.  I'll build mine on wheels...

What do I love about this design?  I love the clean lines.  The abundance of windows.  The front porch.  That the bath isn't a "wet bath."  The sleeping loft with the skylights over my head.  I love the wood exterior and interior - although I can do that in any of the designs.

I'll customize the interior a little bit - I'm making a list of the activities I want to have space for and that will help me with the design.

I thought I would try to go totally off the grid, but solar isn't going to be enough for me since I'll have to have an air conditioner (Texas after all.)  But, hey, it's all right.  I've made peace with that reality.

Next up?  Find a place to do the actual construction!  SO.  EXCITED.

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