Friday, July 5, 2013

So What's Next?

The question everyone is asking me now is, "So where is your house now?  Is it done?"  I guess I forget that everyone doesn't know everything that I know.  Go figure!

My house is in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Daniel is doing a bit of work on it to ready it for travel.  (Thank you, Daniel!)  My house is not complete.  It has a floor, walls, a roof and a porch.  The roof decking will be tarped for travel, in case it rains along the way.

Daniel will tow it from Thousand Oaks to Boulder, Colorado, arriving in Boulder on Friday, July 12th.

Why Boulder?  There is a Four Lights Tiny House Company workshop in Boulder July 13th and 14th. My house will be there for "show & tell."  I'm so glad I can share my house with the attendees.  I know that when I attended the 4L workshop, being able to stand in a tiny house was a high light!  Of course Jay's is spectacular, and well, finished, but ... details, details.

I will fly to Boulder (?) on Friday, attend the workshop along with my house : )  and then get on the road with my house on Monday morning (I presume.)  I should be in Dallas by Tuesday evening.  I think.  It's a goal.

Yesterday I went to visit with the friend who is letting me park on her land while I finish the construction (and perhaps beyond.)  We scoped out which of her driveways my house will fit down.  We assessed sheds for secure storage of my tools.  We checked on electrical outlets, evening light poles, and shady places to park.  We discussed mini water meters and mini electrical meters, "home tour" schedules, additional traffic to her place due to the house... and so on.   She is having keys made for me, and giving me the lay of her land.  Nine acres.  It's gorgeous.  I clocked it when I drove there, and it's less than 9 miles from my apartment.  Not bad at all. 

It's all feeling very real now.  Very, very real.

This will be my new driveway:

Here's one of the possible sites to park for the duration of construction.  I'm hoping to look around a bit more and choose a place with shade...  It's beautiful here, though.

I went to a friend's newly purchased (older) home today to help her assess a shed that needs a new roof and a new floor.  We ended up sitting in her backyard and getting caught up on our lives.  So fun!  In the course of conversation she said they are having a garage sale on July 20th.  Total score!  I'm going to sell my couches, my huge framed mirror, my bed frame... all that stuff that I've been keeping (and that I am still using) but that I can easily do without.  I'm super excited to finally have bumped into someone who is having a sale.  Plus I totally owe her a bunch of hours of work - she helped me so much last Fall with my sale.  And I'm so happy for the opportunity to repay the favor.  Plus - we just have fun.  : )

What's next for my tiny house?  Here's the rough order of things: A trip to my steel friend for stabilization jacks and "L" brackets  A metal roof and windows, both professionally installed.  Exterior trim.  A front door.  Electrical - professionally installed - I hope I can still find my favorite electrician.  Plumbing. (this may involve another trip to my steel/welding friend.)  Insulation.  Interior trim.  Cork (I think) flooring.  A tiny furnace... which is of lesser importance here than a tiny air conditioning unit.  And then... a futon and a pillow.  : ) Holy cow.

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