Friday, July 5, 2013

Seven Days

I leave a week from today to pick up my house in Boulder.  Okay, so that is sort of a crazy sentence that I never thought I would compose...  

But just one week and it will be here!

Sitting in the Four Lights Workshop seems like just a flash of time ago, and now...  I guess February wasn't all that long ago - but wow.  Bizarre.

I've arranged my trailer towing/backing "refresher course" for Monday evening... I was running out of evenings to take care of that, so I'm pleased to have it scheduled.  Seems prudent before I set off on a multi-state journey...!  

I'm trying to get a couple of banners to put on the house made before I go - I hope I can pull that off.  I should have ordered sooner, but this trip sort of came together last minute.  Whichever.  It's okay if I don't get them but it would be sort of fun.

My jump seat is empty, but you know what?  I'm okay with that, too.  This is a piece of a really amazing journey, and whether I am laughing my way across the country with a friend or enjoying some quiet contemplation (alternated with singing my heart out with the radio) it's going to be spectacular.   I can already see it in my mind's eye.

I have the biggest grin on my face.  I think I am the happiest girl in the world.

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