Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After Boulder

As you may recall, I went to Boulder, Colorado this past weekend.  Primarily I was going there to bring my tiny house back to Dallas to complete the construction, and then the side benefit was that I would be able to attend the Four Lights Tiny House Company workshop.  As it turned out, my house didn't quite make it there - the logistics got complicated and it is still in California - but I attended the workshop anyway.  And I'm glad I did.

As I have reflected back on the weekend, I've been able to identify that I am different when I am with tiny house supporters.  I am a better person.  Certainly a happier person.  Everything just seems really natural, and logical, and ... sensible.  It's like I have become my favorite pair of jeans.  It's weird. I'm so alive.  Will every day be like that in my new life?  I really think so.

At his workshops, Jay likes to find someone who is living in a tiny house in the area and have them tell their story.  I was in the car with Jay and Daniel on Friday before the workshop, and it came out from both of them nearly simultaneously that they were each going to ask me to say a few words at the workshop - to tell my story.  I was in the back seat.  They were in the front seat.  Honestly, I was certain that I hadn't heard correctly.  You know, windows unrolled, road noise, really just watching the local sights out the windows...  I leaned forward.  "What did you say?"  Me?  About what?  Oh.... Hmmm.  "When were you going to tell me that??"  LOL  I mean, I didn't mind doing it, I guess, but speaking does not come naturally to me... I'm working on it, though...

I spoke on Sunday, right after we had a field trip to tour Christopher Smith's tiny house. (He was great - came and spoke with us on Saturday, and invited all of us to tour his house Sunday morning - such a privilege!) I felt very ... out of my league.  My voice was very shaky - I was nervous.  If you catch me one-on-one I can easily tell you my story, and it brings me joy to do so.  Put me in the front of a room with an audience, and things change.  But I got through it, and a few attendees were kind enough to come up to me at the end of the day and thank me for telling my story, that they could identify with me, and that it makes their tiny house seem tangible.  One kind man made a beeline for me after I sat down - walked right up to me, stuck out his hand and said, "I'm John.  I want to be your friend." I loved John for that.  I am not a natural speaker, but I'll get better at it.  And in the meantime, maybe I'll open up a few minds with my clumsy ways. : )  It also helps me out with my "do one thing every day that scares you" mantra.

I met some really fun people who were attending the workshop.  I was really disappointed that I missed the session where everyone went around the room and said why they were there - I was out running an errand - but I was able to talk with a few people about their dreams.

Here's the view from Christopher Smith's front porch - how this must change how you start your day...

I also found out that I have a side business that I was unaware of... LOL

Next on my list?  Finalizing logistics on my house transport... and educating myself on electrical systems and plumbing so that when my windows and roof are installed I'm ready for the next step.

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