Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Soundtrack?

Meditation is not something that I'm really good at.  I have trouble quieting my mind.  And then the instructions always say to focus on your breath, and I'm claustrophobic enough about being in a situation where oxygen is limited (outer space, scuba diving...) that I hear that phrase and wig out.

One afternoon at Camp, I was really needing to just take a few moments and ground myself.  I noted that for once nobody at all was in the house  --  exterior sheathing was being put on, so everyone was working outside the house and nobody was inside.   I slipped in and laid down on the floor.   And looked up.

 The sky was the most spectacular shade of blue.  I took in the wonder of it all.  I looked over and up at the loft --

a space in which I know that I'll have many restful nights.  I just drank it all in.

And then, despite being surrounded by construction noise on all sides, I felt myself pulled heavily towards the floor, and I closed my eyes.  I felt safe.  Protected.    I laid  there, and let it all wash over me.  The noise around me became muffled and faded.

I don't know how long I was there.  10 minutes maybe.  But when I got up I felt balanced.  Refreshed.  Grounded.   Maybe construction noise should be a new meditation soundtrack..... LOL

I cannot wait to move in.  Can you even imagine what that is going to be like??  Wow.

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