Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip in Review: February 17th

Sunday!  Judy and I had our routine down now - meet at the coffee shop at 8:30, hand her the GPS and on to Cotati for another day of classroom time.  We were learning so much our heads were spinning but we were just reveling in it all.  The duo teaching were so great together - the perfect balance between construction technique and tiny living experience. 

We also got to tour a co-housing community, Frog Song which was really cool.  Common shared areas for meals and relaxation, guest room to rent, chores rosters, gardens, beautiful foot paths... pretty sublime.  It was great to see - we were grateful for the opportunity.

Bodega Bay, CA
 At the end of the day I had a whole list of books I want to order regarding building code - they will be so handy!  I can't wait to order and receive them.

I also forgot to mention that on Saturday we got to tour Jay's tiny house.  It was just as amazing as I'd expected it to be.  I laughed at myself because here I have sold most of my possessions and sold my house, but until that day I'd never stood inside a tiny house.  It's a good thing that I liked it as much as I expected to, or I would be in a pickle!  LOL  Ohhhh minor detail.

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