Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Balansera, Inc.

I did it!  I am officially in business!

I filed my Articles of Incorporation with the Texas Secretary of State last week, and yesterday I got my papers back from them - I'm in! 


“Balansera” means “balance” in Swedish.  (yes, mom, I know, I am more Finnish than I am Swedish!!  Sorry Dad, it's not Norwegian!  Ha ha!)

Balance as defined by Merriam-Webster:
3(a) a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence

5(b) equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements

6(a) an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements

7(b) the ability to retain one's balance

9(a) mental and emotional steadiness

In my mind, the things that I want to do - live with less, appreciate what you have, get grounded and healed with essential oils and a natural lifestyle are all things that promote a balanced life.

I also wanted something that began with "BA" and I wanted something that is generic - e.g. not tiny house related.  I'll do a d/b/a for A Bed Over My Head.

I also like that is is a feminine word, ending with "era."

So that's the scoop on the company name - such fun stuff!  

And so what do I want my company to be and do?  Here are my vision and mission statements:

My Vision Statement: (A descriptive picture of a desired future state)
To build and maintain a tiny house in an urban setting, and to open minds by demonstrating that living with less can be freeing – both financially and by allowing more time for personal development and community involvement/contribution.  To build a vibrant and social tiny living community in Dallas that will share the joy and enthusiasm of being happy with less.  To live by example.

My Mission Statement: (The means of successfully achieving the vision.)
 a.      To promote the tiny living lifestyle by
i.      educating the public about tiny living;
ii.      breaking down the misconceptions and negativity of tiny       living;
 iii.      facilitating people to pare down possessions;
iv.      reducing the concept of the size of the space called home;
 v.      teaching people how to obtain their own tiny house;
vi.      partnering local businesses with the tiny living concept;
 vii.      demonstrating how to maintain the living tiny lifestyle; and
viii.      building a tiny house urban community.
 ix.      being a local, tangible example of tiny living by
                                1.      building my own tiny house
                                2.      living in an urban setting
b.      To demonstrate that the tiny living style promotes
i.      a grounded, more balanced life
ii.      freedom from debt
iii.      a supportive network
 iv.      a more sustainable lifestyle
v.      more time for personal development & community

I have lot to do, but today - let's celebrate and raise a glass to what lies ahead!!

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