Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wow, so I totally dropped off the blog there for a while.  Whoops.

I've just been really busy - catching up with friends and getting ready for my trip to California!

Hel-lo Four Lights Tiny House Company Tiny House Camp!  Hel-lo Tumbleweed Tiny House Company!  I am ridiculously excited.  Plus, I've never been to northern California and I've heard it's beautiful. Hel-lo Sonoma!

I'm excited to stand in a tiny house for the first time.  To stand in it, turn around, look up, spread out my arms and take it all in.   I am going to spend a week just being a sponge and soaking in all the knowledge and the whole experience, and meeting new people.  I'm formulating a list of questions that don't yet have answers - if I can't get them answered next week, then they probably don't yet have answers...

I broke down and said "yes" to Tom's offer of new work boots.  Mine were nearly 10 years old.  Broken in, comfortable, but okay right, 10 years old.  I must admit, I have new boot love.  They are soooo comfortable and they look good, too!  And, they didn't come from the boys' department...  (LOL  Hey, they fit, what can I say??)  

So off I go - a plane ticket, a car rental, my framing hammer - off for a week of unknown adventure.  Bring it - I'm ready!   I'm so excited I could probably skip all the way there.

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