Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pantry Start

I finally started re-doing my pantry this weekend.  First I unloaded my pantry on my kitchen counter and assessed what I thought I would need.  I sorted by size - grains, flours/sugar, legumes, and powdery things.

I went to buy jars - I wanted wide mouthed, glass with metal lids.  Who knew they would be so elusive?  I had this fantasy that they would all match - that went by the wayside almost immediately!  I went to three stores and still didn't find exactly what I needed.  But I got a decent start:

I also got this funnel for under $2 - which has already proven to be very handy:

And, in the canning supply section I found labels that purport to dissolve in water for easy removal when you refill the jar with something else - so I bought a package of those.

I threw out several items that were past a recommended use date - and I threw some things out that I just don't use anymore.  The things that I cook and the way that I eat continues to change, and so my pantry follows.  Once again it feels really good to really clean out a few cabinets.  I have some extra plastic food storage cannisters/containers now - oh how I love purging plastic - and I think I'll give them to my friend who is the bird trainer.  She says she can use them at work.  Perfect!

I will see now, for a few months, how this new jar system works for me.  If I chose the right sized jars for ingredients, how much storage they require, which ones I get into the most often... and start considering how they will be stored in my tiny house.

I ordered square metal tins for spices today - they are next!

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  1. I love using glass jars in my cupboards as well. I always enjoy opening the cupboard and seeing all the wonderful colors and textures. I'll admit I don't really bother buying or making labels for my jars. I do however always keep a wet-erase marker on hand for labeling. That way, I never have to worry about labels getting stuck to the jars and it makes it wonderfully easy to update use-by dates.
    Jenna M


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