Monday, May 20, 2013

It May be Time for a Speadsheet

I am surprised to see that I haven't posted since May 9th!  Ooops.  I did a quick trip to northern Minnesota for Mother's Day and also was there for my mom's birthday. Work ramped up (of course) the week before that, and you know how you have to play catch up when you get back?  I've caught my breath now - and I'll give you the few updates that I have.  I haven't just been twiddling my thumbs, honest.  Things are progressing, and that's good, because I have a lot on my plate!  I feel a spreadsheet list coming on... I do love a good list.  In Excel.  With wrapped text.  And ... okay okay I'll stop.

MAGIC Camp details are shaping up!  I'm "meeting" more people associated with the Camp, which is really fun - impressive folks - and I even got to choose a t-shirt size!  Wednesday of this week launches the 30 day countdown to my trip!  I can't even stand it.

Supposedly my trailer is ready for pick up today!  But I'm not holding my breath, because its supposedly going to have been ready (apologies for that poor grammar) on April 26th, and pretty much every business day since then.  So now?  My head is in the sand.  It will be ready when it's ready.  And then I'll let you in on all the scoop and show you the photos!  (Who knew a trailer could be so pretty?  I've already bonded with it.)

As the Camp approaches, the need for oh, say, construction materials becomes more important.... Daniel and his class are finalizing a materials list and projected cost, which I should have next week. With that process comes decisions:

Walls - The plans call for 2x3"s for framing but I'm using 2x4"s for road worthiness - stronger.  Meets Building Code.

Fasteners - for framing going to use nails not screws because they have better shear strength.  Will use screws for sheathing and bracing.  Meets Code.

3/4" sub floor - and then I'll put my cork (or Marmoleum or whatever) on top of that.

Foundation - The plans call for 2x4"s but I'll use 2x6"s to give me more space under the trailer for water tank storage.  I lose 2 inches of inside height, but it's a trade off.

Yes to the Shafer Shelf*.  Makes framing slightly more complicated but gives the house more stability, and provides great storage.

Upcoming Decisions:
I need to decide on style of skylights, ideally we will frame for them.

Are we building a door or am I ordering a custom door*? 

What is my roofing material going to be?  (Steel, copper clad steel, or copper? I got my first proposal back today.... more are in the pipeline.)

My website building is progressing!  Zach and I are trading to do lists... okay, he's giving them to me and I'm trying to cross things off...

Networking - I've been asked to write a guest blog post for a fellow tiny house enthusiast - I'm honored and excited and a little bit nervous.  And I'm on a deadline.... I appreciate deadlines because I am worthless without them...

I am continuing to shuck possessions.  I have several things that I need to post on eBay as well.  Too nice to take to Goodwill, but not consignment store worthy... Occasionally I have a moment of panic that November is right around the corner, and well, I still have too many things.

I've started shopping for Mason jars to revamp my pantry.  I went to two stores on Sunday hoping to buy some, struck out, figured out that I probably have to go to WalMart, and went home.  That requires a clear head.

And a shout out/thank you to my new follower.  : )   Yes, I saw you arrived.
 * More details coming.  Yes, I have several posts I need to write!

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