Monday, January 28, 2013

This & That

So what's the latest here at a Bed Over My Head?  Well, I don't have any huge news, but there are lots of little things happening behind the scenes that are furthering my journey!

I am stopping by bcWorkshop on Friday of this week, just to meet Brent so that we can put faces with each other's names.  I like faces for names.

On Saturday I am having lunch with 5 local architects and a woodworker who want to know about tiny houses!  I huge thank you to my friend Elaine for setting that up for me!  I plan to treat it as though it is my first presentation - I'm going to find an iPad app for presentations and craft something up.  I'm distressed because I can't find my Tiny House book by Jay Shafer... lost in the move?  It might be in the trunk of my car... it's my last chance.  As a fall back I did order a third copy (I had already bought one.  Then last week I ordered one for my parents.  And now...) so I feel as though I may be single-handedly supporting Jay's book sales!  It's so frustrating that I can't find it!

I am reading a ton about about essential oils and educating myself about them.... that's fun.  When I go to the Tiny House Camp, I am going to share a cup of tea with the homeowner, Lakshmi and we are going to talk about essential oils... she knows waaaaay more than I do.

Mostly I feel like I am going to know a lot more about everything after the February tiny house camp, meeting Paul from Tumbleweed, and attending the Tumbleweed workshop in March.  I guess I've sort of put most of my actual tiny house planning on hold until then, because I know I am going to learn so much out there.  I'm in the two week count down!  Yowser.

I connected via the web with Hannah Adams of The Tiny Homemaker who lives in Wisconsin and is building a tiny house.  I have a sister in Wisconsin, and her husband thinks he wants a tiny house.  The web makes the world such a tiny place...

I still don't have a company name that grabs me!  It would help if I took the time to sit and think.  I'm so bad at being still.

Last week I got together with two phenomenal women from my career workshop - we had such a great night!  I'm so pleased to have two more fun people to spend time with... WITHOUT WORKBOOKS.  LOL

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  1. Sounds like good things are happening. Hopefully your book will turn up in time.


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