Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm alive!  It's been over a week since I last posted... yikes.

After the house sale, and subsequent move, and bulky trash sort out - I crawled onto the massage table on the 22nd, and felt like my arrival in Minnesota the next day was "fast and hot."  Of course - quickly cooled with the sub-zero temps...

I had nearly a full seven days of decompressing up there.  I spent a few days in my hometown of Brainerd with family, a day in Wisconsin with my sister and her husband, and then wrapped up the trip with a passel of girlfriends in Minneapolis.  It was so wonderful to just let my brain empty and my body relax!  I borrowed a heated throw from Tom that I plugged in religiously every night well in advance of bed time and wow! did I ever sleep well, with not a worry in the world!

Tom picked up me up at DFW Airport -- I didn't think I would ever let go of him -- and as is tradition we stopped for Tex-Mex immediately. I came home, and gathered up Greta-dog from boarding - she did not have the same relaxing experience as I did - she had her geriatric work up and teeth cleaning, which morphed into 2 teeth being extracted -- and arrived home to my apartment on Saturday afternoon.  (She's been so snugly since we got home - it's divine!)

And set my bags down and ... just... looked around.

It does feel like home.  It's still messy, but  [laughing] it's home.  It's small, and simple, and quiet.  One of my sisters asked me, "What was it like, going home to the apartment?"  And I guess I hadn't really thought about it* - but it's good.

Yesterday was a day of apartment firsts - I washed dishes, did laundry, vacuumed, went to the grocery store and then cooked!  I guess I really live there now!

And then I turned on soft lighting, put on some Zen music, and started writing about my plans and goals for the new year.  I still haven't written out my 2013 manifesto - my version of resolutions - but it's taking shape in my mind.  One of the tools I'm using to get started is this workbook by Susannah Conway.  She says to set aside an hour... um, yeah, it's taking me longer than that... LOL  And I haven't chosen my word for 2013 yet either.... hmmmm

One of the last areas of the apartment to get organized and set up is my work space with my laptop and printer, and all my tiny house materials.  Best for last, I say.

This week and next I'm focusing on catching up with friends post-holiday.  It's great to re-connect and see where everyone is with the new year!  And to have the time to do it is such a luxury!!  I am really drinking it in.
I also finally have the mental space to look ahead and dream about what I will bring to the table in 2013.  New friends, new skill sets, travel...and ultimately a new home.  Yeah!  Bring it!

B E    F R E E

*  It's just that my people are Nordic.

p.s.  Thank you for your comments!!  Happy.

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